Beyond the Sea Films – MAMO

Beyond the Sea Films is now working on its graduation project MAMO. This touching short film highlights the social injustices that can lead to dramatic consequences opening a discussion about misappropriation of political power, particularly along race and social injustice. We aim to subscribe MAMO in film festivals all over the world touching a wide audience sensitive to human tragedies.

Alive in Time, the second short film produced by us, is now being submitted to festivals. We were already included in the the Leamington Underground Cinema Festival that will take place during September in London!Beyond the Sea Films is a team of students from the MA Filmmaking programme at Goldsmiths, University in London. To find out more about who we are and what we do, take a look around the website and the facebook. Like BETC Music, support the project and make a donation on the homepage.


Non contente d’être notre envoyée spéciale, Douce, rédactrice BETC Music London est actuellement en train de produire MAMO, un film sur les injustices sociales et leurs conséquences dans l’opinion publique. Le projet est réalisé par  “Beyond The Sea Films”, un collectif d’étudiants de l’université de Goldsmiths à Londres. Le film sera projeté au BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) au mois de janvier 2014. Comme BETC Music, Vous pouvez contribuer au projet et faire un don en vous rendant sur Mamo sera diffusé au Leamington Underground Cinema Festival.


Pour plus d’information, rendez-vous sur la page facebook de Beyond The Sea Films.